Here are some success stories!

All of the following are actual emails/notes to our clinic


Testimonial for Rachel Davis

As a 61 year old I strive to be as active as I can post several surgeries (back, shoulder and knee). Wife, mom, grandmother of 11, nurse and fitness instructor are just a few hats I wear so thanks to Rachel’s acupuncture over the past few years and helpful support and tips, I get to live the life of my dreams more days than not. I attribute the success of my body being able to function successfully, and thrive, in large part to the regular tune ups I get with Rachel, ideally every 2 weeks and each month at minimum. If you’ve never given acupuncture a thought, I urge you to consider making an appointment with Rachel. You’ll be glad you did . :)

– S.D.



Testimonial for AcuDetox with Ann Coffey

Stick A bunch of needles in my ears?? I think NOT!!

This was my first thought when the opportunity for acupuncture became available to me. I gained courage somehow and decided that I would give this a try. My trepidation was obvious!  I sat down in the chair fearing extreme pain. I soon learned that there was very little if any pain involved. Ann asked if I was in pain and the one time I felt any pain, she adjusted the needle and the pain subsided completely.  I was amazed!  All the pain that I had expected never materialized.

I reclined in one of the most comfortable lounge chairs I had felt in years. There was soft music playing in the background, the lights were dimmed and I was left to relax both mentally and physically.

I must tell you that when the session was over, I was the most relaxed I have been in years! It was a fantastic experience that I have continued throughout the last year and plan to continue for years to come.  The aftermath of the session left me not only totally relaxed, but mentally refreshed.

I would definitely recommend this type of acupuncture treatment with Ann Coffey to anyone. It has helped me deal with the stresses of life and work and there is no way to top Ann for her expertise and her comforting personality.

– S.H.



Testimonial for Rachel Davis

I was referred to Rachel by my OB/GYN. I considered it for weeks until I finally worked up my nerve to call her. I was terrified of needles. I was definitely not a holistic person and I remember asking Rachel if I had to “believe” in acupuncture for it to work, and she said no. I had been battling an array of problems for about 7 months. I felt like my family doctor thought I was a hypochondriac and was tired of seeing me. I had anxiety and digestive issues. I was terrified for my first visit, but Rachel immediately put me at ease-the needles were virtually painless!! As I got to know Rachel more I opened up to her about my problems. And her reaction was so different than my family doctor – she seemed to care on a more personal level. She listened to every crazy notion or symptom I came up with. She also suggested counseling which I had always resisted before when my family doctor mentioned it. I am now working with an excellent therapist and continuing my acupuncture. My symptoms continue to improve. I am no longer having panic attacks. I sleep through the night, and I am able to get through my work day without feeling completely overwhelmed. I have also noticed that my heartburn and indigestion have improved to the point where I am rarely having symptoms. If you are considering acupuncture, I’d say it is definitely worth a try! Rachel has helped me immensely!

– A.M.




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